• 5 Lessons Pack

    5 lessons for $275.00
    The five lesson plan is good for players looking to specialize in ball handling, shooting, defence, free throw shooting. A tune up of your shooting mechanics as well as skills and drills to help you prepare for any upcoming games or tryouts.

    -Cash or checks made payable to Dblp Training Inc.

  • 10 Lessons Pack

    10 lessons for $550.00

    -Cash or checks made payable to Dblp Training Inc.

***Cash or checks made payable to Dblp Training Inc.

1 Private Session: $60.00 / hour.

  • DBLP Training has been fantastic for my son. Pierre is awesome, very patience and a great teacher. We could see improvement in my sons game right away as well as the confidence he needs to play the sport of basketball.
    Lori Bryant
  • Coach Pierre has helped me improve a lot as a player. He has taught me knew things and took my game to a whole new level.
  • Coach Pierre knows basketball,  he builds confidence !if you want your young baller to get to the next level ? Try it out
    Javier Cazares
  • DBLPtraining was a great challenge and benefit for my son to not only to build his basketball confidence but also show him where he needs to improve in order to take his skills to the next level.
    David Paredes
  • I enjoy my workouts with Pierre because I grow as a player from them. He's helped me improve my jump shot, ball handling skills, and versatility overall. Pierre focuses on fundamentals through detail and repetition, which I believe has enhanced my game the most.
    Gabrielle Richmond, St. Bonaventure University
  • My son has been seeing Pierre for over a year now... Pierre has worked hard and showed dedication to improve flaws in my son's game... After a few months with him Pierre spoke to me and talked about his jump shot and changing some stuff with the mechanics.. they worked hard on these things and today his mid range game is outstanding and he has really improved from beyond the arc.. Pierre not only teaches his clients basketball skills he also urges them to give it all they have and never settle for mediocrity. I will continue to have Pierre train all my kids because they look up to him and really value their time together... I have coached youth sports for 10 years now and have made tons of friends and connections. I have used this to refer Pierre over 12 clients... Everyone I have sent to him love his work and continue to give the keys to Pierre when it comes to their son or daughters development.. keep up the good work my friend..
    Brian Jarvis
  • My son, started training with Pierre 2 months ago. In that short amount of time he has grown as a basketball player. He went from a decent player to a great player. His ball handling skills and his confidence have soared. He has improved his mechanics and Pierre has gotten the best out of him. I encourage basketball players to come try Pierre once, your child will love the training.
    Jonelle Fedinec
  • I have been working out with Coach Pierre for 2 months now. I thought I was a good player, but going to Pierre has made me an even better player. He improved my mechanics on my shot and now I am hitting them more consistently. My ball handling skills were ok but now they are getting a lot better. Things I didn't think I could do, now I can do it. The training is hard but you have to want to do it. #no days off. Thanks Coach
    Jimmy Fedinec
  • Pierre has been training my high school daughter for a little under a year and the improvements that she and I have seen within her skills, ball handling and game are amazing! Pierre's work ethic on the court and commitment to the game are at the forefront of every practice. Whether he is running her through ball handling drills, game situations or correcting tiny details in her shot Pierre's knowledge of the game, passion and positive attitude always comes through. He is encouraging throughout the workouts which pushes her to the very best player she can be!
    Kristine Kraft
  • My high school freshman son took part in a ten session training program with DLBPtraining with the goals of improving his shooting form, ball handling, offensive attack moves and defense. At the completion of the program, my son saw vast improvements in all of these areas with the added improvement of an increase in his court awareness. I will continue to send my son to Pierre during the basketball season and would highly recommend DLBP for any player who would like to see improvements in skill level.
    Andre Bennett, Sr.