Pierre Pierce

Head Trainer / Coach / Professional Basketball Player

Pierre Pierce
Birthday: June 7, 1983
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 205

Basketball Credentials:

High School First Team All State Class A as Junior and Senior. Runner up Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois as a Senior. Numerous school and state records.

Big Ten Experience University of Iowa. Head Coach Steve Alford.

Professional Experience. 

NBA summer league with Golden State Warriors.

Becoming an elite basketball player is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice. You must be self motivated and have the confidence in yourself that you want to be the best. My father was instrumental in my progression as a young player, he constantly preached the fundamentals and installed in me a work ethic to be the hardest working player. Lots of players have talent, but not all players work endlessly to master their craft. Recognizing my weaknesses at an early age was instrumental to my successes.

Becoming a student of the game and learning from others and listening to the advice of coaches and former players is a vital key to elevating your game. Those that have been there before know better than anyone else what it takes to be great. I always played with a chip on my shoulder. I was motivated by the successes of other players and I knew in order to surpass them I had to be better and do better.

I take my slogan No Days Off very literal. The words No Days Off establish a lifestyle and a mentality that in order to be great I must work on my game everyday. Whether it was raining, snowing, 100 degrees, I was not feeling well, wanted to be out with friends, or if i had to put a crate up on a tree to shoot hoops I was not going to be denied playing the game I love. No matter the circumstances I was determined to work hard and stayed focus on the bigger picture because I was always told you only get out what you put in. So I made sure I gave the game of basketball everything I had. There are no overnight successes, there are no shortcuts, everything has a process, and for me I love the process just as much as i love the results.

I was motivated at an early age to be the best and to play college basketball. I knew my only way was to receive an athletic scholarship. I also knew I could not receive an athletic scholarship without being a great student. Academics were just as important to me as basketball was. My parents made sure I understood the importance of my education. The same discipline, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, confidence, determination and motivation that I used to fuel me athletically I used to propel me academically. The game of basketball has been amazing to me.

I have had the opportunity to play basketball on all levels and to play for amazing coaches, play in front of amazing fans, experience different cultures, languages, and ethnicities but most importantly the relationships I have developed with my numerous teammates throughout my career from all over the world has been the most rewarding. The experiences I have had as a player have been nothing short of amazing. I want to give all players who are trying to better their game an opportunity to learn from me all of the things that have made me into the player I am today, and to also better their overall IQ of the game.

The passion and love I have for the game of basketball grows more and more everyday. I created Dblp Training (Double P because my first and last name both start with P) a nickname my mom gave me years ago, under the premise to provide all basketball players regardless of age, sill level, or gender with the opportunity to become the best basketball players they can be. FUNdamental training with a emphasis on FUN. Thank you for visiting my page, let the training begin.

Favorite saying “The Reward Is In The Journey” John Wooden i believe.